Food Review: The Grill at The Meat Market

L-R: The Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, The Famous Tri-Tip sandwich, seasoned fries, and the Ribeye Steak sandwich. The Meat Market is located on 1990 N Fowler at the SW corner of Fowler and Shepherd Ave. CLOVIS ROUNDUP FILE PHOTO

Load up the car! The Clovis Roundup is taking you on a special trip to the outskirts of Clovis. We’re going to lunch somewhere that shouldn’t remain out-of-sight, out-of-mind: Clovis’ The Grill at The Meat Market.

The Grill at The Meat Market is actually a great stop for a hot, made to order lunch. The Grill offers all your favorites in a convenient order and take-out style. It doesn’t take long to walk up to the window, order from a selection of sandwiches, specialties (like the tri-tip burrito), salads, and sides, and walk away with your food.

And just like how we loaded up the car, the eatery loads up their sandwiches with delicious, premium meats.

The Grill offers a different special for each day of the week, including meal deals for those days you forget to plan ahead for the night’s dinner. For example, we went on a Thursday. The meal deal was a whole chicken with 2 large sides or a pork loin with scalloped potatoes and gravy, plus a 2 liter for $19.99. And, we can’t forget about Tri-Tip Tuesdays, when you can get a whole BBQ tri tip, large side, and a 2 liter of Pepsi for $22.22.

Going on a camping trip? The Meat Market is located at Fowler and Shepherd Avenues, a convenient location to stop along the way or as you head back home. You can grab a quick meal and fill your ice chest as well.