Food Review: Jus’ Jo’s Country Kitchen

Jus’ Jo’s offers a large variety of breakfast and lunch items at affordable prices. Our waitress Krissy was absolutely wonderful, stop by and she’ll be happy to serve you. PHOTO BY RON SUNDQUIST/CLOVIS ROUNDUP

When walking into Jus Jo’s Country Kitchen ( 701 W. Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA 93612), don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you feel like eating, the menu is large enough to fulfill anyone’s desires.

Including myself, who prefers sweets and desert over anything else.

Open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. everyday, Jus Jo’s has the perfect balance between breakfast, lunch and whatever you feel like having.

From their half-pound burgers, to their handmade sandwiches and even their delectable fresh fruit, picking from their large menu can take some time, but Jus Jo’s does not disappoint.

When the Clovis Roundup had lunch earlier this week, they were greeted by a friendly staff and even better food. Whether it was the large burgers on our table, that were priced from $9.50 to $13, which is a great deal considering how filling they are (they were cooked perfectly and came out in a reasonable time), or the melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls that not only make you salivate from the menu picture, there is something for everyone.

Each sandwich and burger ordered came with an option for soup, salad, potato salad or fries (which can be substituted for onion rings or tater tots).

You might get lost in the delicious lunch side of the menu, but the breakfast side is to die for.

Blueberry or strawberry pancakes, Belgian waffles and most importantly the famous cinnamon roll french toast which seems too good to be true. It’s not everyday you find two of the best treats combined into one.

You can get that famous breakfast treat in a combo or a la carte. It comes with two eggs with a side of bacon or sausage. Jus Jo’s offers premium dishes, but at an affordable price.

And don’t forget the little ones. The ambience is a very family-friendly place, with various decorations around the restaurant that tie in well with the cuisine.

Whether it’s a pancake combo with bacon and eggs, or hash browns with sausage and toast, there are numerous items for the smaller kids in the family.

Overall, Jus Jo’s is the perfect place to get an early meal (lunch or breakfast) with your friends and family, but make sure you save room for those cinnamon rolls.

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