Food Review: DiCicco’s Italian

DiCicco’s Penne Primavera. FILE PHOTO

There’s never a bad time to go to DiCicco’s in Old Town Clovis. Whether it’s during the summer or in the colder months, DiCicco’s always has something to offer that satisfies an empty stomach.

Last week, we took a trip to the Old Town staple and found ourselves digging into some of the best recipes from DiCicco’s. Grilled asparagus and fried calamari were ordered as appetizers. The asparagus was grilled to perfection. They weren’t over grilled to the point where an entire stem was burnt, and the amount of salt was just right. Some people may prefer the saltier side for grilled asparagus, but this crowd thought that the mild salty taste was just perfect. The fried calamari also tasted good.

One of the main dishes ordered was DiCicco’s original calzone, a traditional alternative to pizza. Each bite into the calzone proved just how fresh it was out of the oven. The first few bites emanated some steam and the flavor of the pepperoni was really pronounced. To maintain this flavor, marinara sauce was added to each bite after, and it paired well with the combination of flavors that came from the calzone’s filling (a little more cheese was expected in the filling, but the salami compensated for it).

Another main that was ordered was the penne primavera. And, DiCicco’s gave a sizable portion. Of course, there was the alfredo sauce and sautéed vegetables, but what really brought out the taste was the added pepper flakes and parmesan cheese. The parmesan cheese emphasized the blend of flavors that the dish offered.

The final main dish ordered was a combination of spinach salad and a side of minestrone soup. The minestrone soup was spectacular. The broth’s consistency was perfect. It wasn’t too runny and it wasn’t too thick. And, the soup’s kidney beans and garbanzo beans were standouts. It emulated a feeling of “home.” The spinach salad was refreshing and proved to be the perfect meal for a hot summer day.

DiCicco’s Italian soda was a tasty treat that went well with the minestrone soup and spinach salad. While only the raspberry-flavored Italian soda was ordered, it’s worthy to note that other flavors may be selected (this includes strawberry, blueberry, and blood orange).

We definitely recommend this restaurant for lunch and dinner. If you’re craving Italian food for either one of those meals, just head over to Old Town’s DiCicco’s. You’ll have multiple menu items to choose from and by the time you finish your food, you’ll be happy and ready to go into a food coma.