Food Review: Creamistry

Creamistry’s Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream. FILE PHOTO

Members of the Clovis Roundup editorial staff recently visited Clovis’ liquid nitrogen ice cream shop: Creamistry.

Located on the corner of Herndon and Willow, the ice cream shop offers a plethora of menu items.

We had three orders: a regular-sized sea salt caramel ice cream with no extra toppings, a regular-sized order of Creamistry’s Cookie Monster, and a regular-sized order of Creamistry’s Tropical Paradise. The Cookie Monster and Tropical Paradise were two of the shop’s signature creations.

The sea salt caramel order worked well without any extra toppings. Each bite captured well the creaminess that is the essence of liquid nitrogen ice cream. The flavor was just right (the salt didn’t overpower the caramel and vice versa). And, the portion was filling. For people who enjoy toppings on their ice cream, Creamistry offers a menu item called “Sea Salt Caramel Crunch.” This comes with extra caramel, waffle cone bits, and whipped cream –– or more, should a person want more flavor on top of this sea salt caramel goodness.

The Cookie Monster came with blue cookie monster ice cream (we concluded that it was simply food-colored vanilla ice cream), Chips Ahoy cookies, Oreos, and fudge. It’s the perfect order for cookie-lovers. The ice cream mixed well with the cookies and it wasn’t as dense as it sounds. If you really want to get the sugar piled up on this order, make sure to ask for extra whipped cream on top.

If you need something that’s non-dairy, check out Creamistry’s Tropical Paradise. The Tropical Paradise includes non-dairy Piña Colada sorbet, strawberries, and strawberry sundae sauce. The fresh strawberry topping paired well with the pineapple flavors from the sorbet.

Even though we tasted only three flavors, Creamistry has other tantalizing orders that are worth a shot, including their Unicorn, Party Animal, Elemint, and Quantum Coffee.

And, it’s going to be one hot summer, so if you need something cold to battle the valley heat, stop by Creamistry!