First Statewide and Local General Election Results

November 9, 2022 – In the earliest predictions of the local elections the three Clovis City Council seats and two open Clovis Unified Governing School Board Seats seem to have victors.

According to the Fresno County County Clerk and Registrar of Voters webpage, Clovis City Council Incumbent Drew Bessinger appears to be joined in the lead by Diane Pearce and former Clovis Chief of Police Matt Basgall. The City Council intends to fill three seats.

In District Area 1 for the Clovis Unified Governing School Board, Clint Olivier appears to be 2,000 votes ahead of Samantha Bauer who sits in second place as of 10:42 p.m. of November 8th. Deena Combs-Flores appears to be in the lead for District Area 6.

Measure B, the Transient Occupancy Tax proposed by City Council to help further fund the police department is predicted to have a 69% approval, only needing a 50% +1 majority to pass.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy won the newly appointed 20th Congressional District that represents the City of Clovis. He defeated Democrat and teacher Marisa Wood by about 30%.

Preliminary results for Measure C are also on the Fresno County website.

Results that follow are preliminary numbers affirmed by Fresno County as of November 8th, 2022.

Clovis City Council- Top Three Elected to Office
Drew Bessinger- 11,230 votes; 21.74%
Diane Pearce- 10,920 votes; 21.14%
Matt Basgall- 10,196 votes; 19.74%

Joshua Phanco- 4014 votes; 7.77%
Martin Salas- 3956 votes; 7.66%
Des Haus- 3335 votes; 6.46%
Joseph Hebert- 3292 votes; 6.37%
Kyle T. Chaney- 2362 votes; 4.57%
Mark Kazanjian- 1772 votes; 3.43%
Guy Redner- 497 votes; 0.96%

Clovis Unified Governing School Board- District 1
Clint Olivier – 14,530 votes; 38.16%
Samantha Bauer- 12,233 votes; 32.13%
Chuck Der Manouel- 9324 votes; 24.49%
Joanne Burton- 1776 votes; 4.66%

Clovis Unified Governing School Board – District 6
Deena Combs-Flores- 21,420 votes; 59.57%
Bill Whitmore- 14,323 votes; 39.83%

Measure B-Transient Occupancy Tax (50%+1 to pass)
Yes votes- 15,022; 69.90%
No votes- 6469; 30.10%

Measure C- Ordinance to Extend Measure C (2/3rd’s ‘Yes’ needed to pass)
Yes – 71,448; 58.19%
No – 51,331; 41.81%

20th Congressional District
Kevin McCarthy – 24,148 votes; 65.03%
Marisa Wood – 12,988 votes; 34.97%

Full results for the elections are on the Fresno County website,

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