Exciting Weekend Blender returns to Sierra Vista Mall

Cosplay fans join in on the fun and dress up as comic book characters at the Weekend Blender held at Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis, Aug. 25-26, 2018. COURTESY OF shaddoeENT

The weekend of Aug. 25-26 marked the ninth time Diehardz & Son held its popular family friendly Weekend Blender at Sierra Vista Mall.

Creative costumes were on full display as cosplayers, dressed up as fictional characters and armed with stunning props, signed up in Center Court for the first ever Cosplay Contest at the mall. Gift cards, plaques and collectibles were given as prizes for those who placed in first, second and third place.

Joining in on the fun were various vendors, offering everything from food to jewelry, karate and art. Special guests, including actors Brandon Crane from “It,” Carla Perez from “Power Rangers,” Carl Gottlieb from “Jaws” 2 and 3, and Kerrigan Patrick Mahan from “Power Rangers,” talked with fans. The Forge Gaming and Kids Zone from Frescon provided a variety of games and activities.

Yes, this was much more than the typical Comic-Con.

“I love it, this is a great event,” said Natalie Khan, Sierra Vista’s Marketing Director. “This was free and there’s something for everyone. We had several hundred people participating, a lot of little kids were dressed up.”

The Weekend Blender gets its name from the blending of activities, vendors and the community, including community involved charities. The event is usually held twice a year.

“The term came from an idea of taking a diverse group of various local vendors from handmade goods, informational vendors to services or collectibles,” said Pete Salazar of Diehardz & Son. “From there we build a family atmosphere, adding superhero, pop culture, and sci-fi characters for the kids and adults. We also added a cosplay contest (costume contest) to add some excitement. It’s really good chaos, all under one roof.”

The next Weekend Blender is planned for the weekend of Feb. 23-24, 2019.

Meanwhile, Diehardz & Son will present Brewcon on Saturday, Nov. 17, at Full Circle Brewery in Fresno. This will be an indoor/outdoor family friendly event with cosplay, butter beer (similar to crème soda), vendors, food trucks, craft beer, art, entertainment and live music.