Fathers Eve 2019

    June 15, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
    No Surrender Adventure Park
    1200 Shaw Ave #103
    Clovis, CA 93612
    Steven Stankivicz

    The Fresno Dads Group is gathering to celebrate fatherhood

    Fathers Eve 2019 is June 15th!

    Dads working together to make the night before Father’s Day

    a time to help dads connect with others to make an impact

    When: June 15, 2019, 6 PM

    Where: No Surrender Adventure Park, Clovis CA

    Contact: Steven Stankivicz 559-213-0584 or Steven@fresnodadsgroup.com

    Fathers Eve local host, Fresno Dads Group is available to talk about the event, what it is, what it means for dads to spend time together.

    On Sunday June 16th, America will celebrate Father’s Day, an event to highlight the role fathers play in families.

    Saturday, June 15th, a group of Central Valley dads will be getting together the night before Father’s Day to share stories, make connections, and support each other to be better dads – by celebrating Fathers Eve

    Dads in the Central Valley will celebrate the growing father-focused holiday on Saturday, June 15th.  The event that started in a single garage continues to grow here and across the country.  The 2019 Fathers Eve in the  Central Valley will be held at No Surrender Adventure Park in Clovis.  Money raised will help NAMI- Fresno.

    Fathers Eve ® is a series of coordinated events across the country on the night before Father’s Day that bring “any and every” dad together to celebrate fatherhood, connect with other fathers and dads, share ideas, create community, and support local and national charities. It is a time each year when dads can deepen their own understanding of the impact their choices have, but to connect men to create an authentic dad-supportive community that provides support and a credible opportunity to ask for help or share ideas.

    • The connections dads make at Fathers Eve events help fathers not only find ways to be stronger themselves, it helps them all see the full picture by connecting with others who share the same commitment to be better dads.



    Being a dad today is different than it was just a few years ago.  The role dads play in their families is changing. More dads see parenting as central to their identity yet often we need or want help, support and ideas to meet the challenge.  

    The Fathers Eve goal is to create a special day each year dedicated for time to connect, support, engage, and energize dads.


    Minnesota dad John Francis noticed that catching up with the other dads over a beer helped him and created ways to share information and connect. In 2012, John used this as an idea to invent something atypical from your normal garage invention, he created what is now a new holiday.

    He started bringing together his friends and fellow dads the night before Father’s Day in his garage to share stories, talk about what it means to be a dad, and spend some much-needed time together. He called it Fathers Eve – the night before Father’s Day.

    In 2015, John’s garage did not have the capacity to hold the growing demand from other dads who wanted to be part of the event. The event moved to bigger places to hold more people. John then started talking to dad friends in other cities and the interest grew.

    This simple idea that started in a garage has become a movement that is celebrated around the world.  Dads in cities around the country now have the chance to gather the night before Father’s Day with the goal of connecting and making an impact on their communities, celebrating the evening with an 8 pm local time New-Years-Eve-like countdown “Toast To The Dads”.  Much like the other successful inventions started in a garage, entrepreneur John Francis and his idea of Fathers Eve, can be added to the list of life-changing ideas that started in a garage. To learn more please visit fatherseve.com.

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