Dry Creek Business Park Expansion to Bring More Jobs to Clovis

Photo by Ron Sundquist/Clovis Roundup

The City of Clovis held a ribbon cutting ceremony Dec. 14 to officially announce the expansion of Dry Creek Business Park.

The expansion is located north of Herndon Avenue between Minnewawa Avenue and Highway 168. The property will expand the park by about 30 acres, bringing in 44 lots available for businesses.

“This land is in a crucial location – Herndon Avenue and 168. You’ve got visibility from the freeway and it gives you access to the region,” said Andy Haussler, Community and Economic Development Director for the City of Clovis. “We have a dearth of opportunity for new industrial and commercial land so getting this in a key location where people want to be was important to us.”

Haussler was the driving force behind this project and the expansion. Working with the property owners, and once the funding was accounted for, he was able to map out with the engineers how it all was going to be laid out. The expansion was made possible by an investment of $3 million made by the city in cooperation with the Clovis Redevelopment Successor Agency.

“It’s about jobs, we’re always seeking more jobs for the region and for our city,” Haussler said. It’s something that’s a high priority for our council and for city staff – and this allows that to happen.”

With this expansion, the city believes it will bring in hundreds of jobs to area and allow businesses the opportunity to grow when they want to.

“A lot of businesses here in Clovis are looking for ways to expand but unfortunately there’s not a lot of shovel ready sites,” said Clovis Mayor Nathan Magsig. “This development gives us an opportunity to take businesses that are from Clovis and give them an opportunity to expand.”

With it’s location close to Highway 168, Magsig believes that businesses will love the availability to move their product quickly and to even get their trucks out to job sites faster. He stressed the location of the expansion as a key in the City’s focus on expanding in this particular part of land.

Three businesses, ranging from architectural design companies to construction companies, have already purchased spots on the development and have begun the building process and the city doesn’t expect the remaining lots to be on the market for long.

“We have a few different businesses that are in the process of readying their lots for foundation work,” Magsig said. “So I would imagine in the next few months you’ll see sticks and bricks coming out of the ground and new buildings being built right here in our community.

With Dry Creek Business Park being an industrial park, Magsig expects more architectural firms and construction companies to look out here but he does not want the city to limit the property to any one type of business.

“This is all about job creation,” Magsig said. “We’re looking at hundreds of jobs this is going to create for the city of Clovis and that’s what I’m most excited about.”