Diners Claim Discrimination at Local Restaurant

Colton’s Social House is located on 1150 Shaw Avenue at Sierra Vista Mall. (Courtesy of Colton’s Social House)

On January 29, a group claimed discrimination when a restaurant refused them alcohol services. The incident took place at Colton’s Social House at Sierra Vista Mall.

One of the individuals in the group, Eloise Tello Barrett, wrote a Facebook post about the incident.

According to her post, it began when another group and her party were waiting for their tables. During this time Barrett mentioned that her group, which were mostly Hispanics, received derogatory remarks from the other group for speaking Spanish. She mentioned they ignored the remarks.

(Eloise Tello Barrett/Facebook)

Once seated they were approached by the manager informing them that due to a complaint, they would not be served any alcohol. She also stated management would not give a legitimate reason as to why they were refused alcohol.

“We’re being discriminated against. I can’t explain how horrible it felt–Our date turned into heartache and sadness,” said Barrett on her Facebook post.

The post quickly went viral, spreading across all social media. Colton’s Social House has since received a lot of backlash from the community.

On a social media post via Instagram, Colton’s Social House replied to Barrett’s post, “Our GM is taking matters very seriously and investigating the incident being shared on social media. She has also spoken personally to one of the guests involved. What transpired is not a representation of the restaurant.”

(Courtesy of Colton’s Social House/Facebook)

This morning Colton’s Social House released an official statement on their Facebook:

“Saturday evening, Colton’s had four guests waiting for a table. While waiting, concerns arose regarding the parties’ level of intoxication. A manager on duty determined that it would be best to restrict their purchase to food only, and not serve them any alcoholic beverages. It was not our intention to cause any embarrassment, and we are disheartened knowing these guests felt that we were doing anything other than trying to keep them safe.”

The restaurant stated they have reached out and apologized to the party. The original post made by Barrett has since been removed.

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