DiCicco’s turning into top comedy destination

Local comedian Danny Minch has helped turn DiCicco’s of Old Town Clovis into a destination for late night comedy shows. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

DiCicco’s in Old Town Clovis has become known as the hottest spot for comedy in the Central Valley.

Comedian and promoter Danny Minch has been the magic behind the scenes recruiting comedians from major cities all over the map—Oakland, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.

“We have huge things coming up,” Minch said.

Slice of Comedy has been blowing up the spot with great hospitality and entertainment for the community to enjoy. The entertainment program hosts shows four days a week. On Mondays and Tuesdays it hosts Just the Tips, a non-ticketed one headliner event with an open mic, while the Friday and Saturday events feature some of today’s top headliners.

Tickets for the Friday and Saturday shows range from $15-$25 and can be purchased on Eventbrite.com. DiCicco’s also take care of guests with a full menu and bar to choose from as a way to keep the momentum going.

DiCicco’s manager Charles Carrero said he was a little apprehensive at first, but with Minch’s ability to network those feelings have been at ease. He is impressed with the level of success these shows have brought to his restaurant.

“Danny does a good job of hosting it and picks the best headliners out there,” Carrero said, “I’ve seen this done before with the whole comedy thing before where you see the same faces over and over, but not with Danny. He gets people to travel from all over as a part of their tour.”

Mario Hodge, an African-American comedian from Oakland and recent Slice of Comedy headliner, said he wouldn’t hesitate to come back.

“Laughter has no color, when I go in a room I treat laughter as a way to have fun and make everybody laugh,” Hodge said. “Everyone was receptive of me and I was receptive of them, so I had a great time.”

Hodge was first sought by Minch after he received a standing ovation from the audience after performing in Fresno as one of the featured comedians at a local birthday party Minch attended.

Hodge said he is best known for his comical Rodney Dangerfield-style featuring one-liners, singing, improvs and monologues. The Oakland native has been in the comedy world for five years now and said although he may be considered a “baby,” he has been known to execute on the “mic.”

“Minch is an outstanding guy,” Hodge said. “Clovis showed me a lot of love. DiCicco’s was a nice place from the bartenders, to the owner, Danny Minch and the audience. Everyone treated me well and made me feel at home.”

When he stepped on the stage in Clovis, Hodge said he didn’t know how the crowd would respond to his style, but it was all fun and laughs in the end.

“I think it is very important to have something entertaining for the people to do in Clovis—it’s very engaging and lively,” Carrero said, “It just adds a little more to Old Town Clovis.”

For information on upcoming shows, visit Minch’s Eventbrite page.