Developers request amendment to Loma Vista

Bryan Araki and Dwight Kroll present the Loma Vista Land Use Design Plan to the City Council.  (Photo by Ron Sundquist)

By Tomas Kassahun | Reporter

At the Clovis City Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 13, the Planning and Development Services staff requested to initiate an amendment to the Loma Vista Community Centers North And South Master Plan.

According to the report presented to the Council, the CCNS is  the heart of Loma Vista and is designed as a pedestrian oriented community with a mix of land uses including a central park.

The report goes on to say that “with substantial development occurring around the CCNS, development interest is picking up, prompting discussion of the feasibility of the basic street component described in the Master Plan.”

Clovis Planning Director Dwight Kroll said the plan will address local street configurations for the area south of Shaw Avenue.

“We have a master plan for the community center Loma Vista, the center portion of Loma Vista,” Kroll said. “We’ve been waiting for development to occur there because it’s predominantly commercial. We are now starting to get commercial interest based on the amount of residential development we have going on in Loma Vista. We’re focusing on implementing that development.”

Additionally, Kroll presented a plan to implement a new fire station.

“We have a need to implement fire station No. 6, which will service Loma Vista,” Kroll said. “We would like to put it adjacent to the central village green in Loma Vista. In doing so, we would like to do some modifications to the master plan to accommodate that and also to accommodate development in the vicinity of the fire station.”

After  requesting the City Council to initiate that process, Kroll said the staff will come back with some proposals in the next month or two.    

“I think it was a very good discussion,” Kroll said. “Certainly the council was possessive of the quality of design that Loma Vista has. We will be bringing back our planning and design efforts.”