Deadpool: R-Rated Superheroics Crass humor, gratuitous violence, and fourth wall breaks

Photo courtesy of 20TH Century Fox

Eight creepy little baby hands out of 10.

I’d like to preface this review by saying to any Deadpool comic fans that this film is exactly what you hoped it would be.

Here on out, I’ll be assuming you aren’t a diehard Deadpool fan. In the comics, Deadpool began as a relatively straight-faced character, but he would develop into one of the funniest and most popular characters in the Marvel universe. He became iconic because of his pop culture references and unrelenting humor.

Deadpool’s popularity didn’t translate into a film until nearly a decade into the superhero film craze, largely because anything he starred in would inherently require an R rating. This would be a first for any superhero movie and the owners of the film rights to Deadpool, 20th Century Fox, were reluctant to take a risk in making it. However, after a wildly positive response to leaked test footage and the campaigning of lead actor Ryan Reynolds, the film was finally announced.

The film itself is a straightforward revenge tale, following a horribly mutated mercenary who seeks out revenge on the man who experimented on him. But, the plot is really just an excuse for Deadpool to do exactly what he should be doing.

I cannot stress enough that Deadpool consists almost entirely of crude jokes, over-the-top violence, and pop culture references. Consequently, it can be incredibly polarizing, even more so than the average comedy. It simply will or won’t be funny, depending entirely on a viewer’s taste. Additionally, many of the references can easily go over the head of anyone, and they are littered throughout the film.

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