CUSD to Stay Open if New Stay-At-Home Order Issued

A student raises his hand during an in-class learning session at Fort Washington Elementary. (Courtesy of Ron Webb/CUSD)

In a press conference held on Thursday, Dec. 3, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a new Stay-At-Home order which will again close down businesses if county ICU capacity falls below 15%.

With Fresno County’s current increase of COVID-19 positive cases, the order is expected to be issued for the county in the coming days.

This morning, Clovis Unified School District (CUSD) spokesperson Kelly Avants released a statement regarding the new Stay-At-Home order that it will “not disrupt Clovis Unified schools and the current hybrid instructional learning models occurring on district campuses”.

Also detailed in the statement, the governor’s new order “allows for schools already opened fully or partially for in-person instruction and following required health and safety measures to continue with in-person instruction.”

Currently, all CUSD schools are partially open. At the primary level, there are many grade level students along with special education students already on campus for in-class learning.

CUSD is expecting secondary level students to return to school January 5.

For the time being, CUSD will continue to monitor state and county health department guidelines and plan accordingly for when they can fully reopen.

To read full statement, click here.