CUSD Sub-Committee Holds First Meeting of 2022

January 2022 CUSD Subcommittee meeting (Photo Karl Cooke)

Clovis Unified held its first meeting with the subcommittee Friday afternoon. 

While the CUSD Governing Board holds monthly meetings that are open to the public, the subcommittee holds their meetings every few months and speaks only to the Board. 

The subcommittee meetings are held between them and members of the governing body. This group acts in an advisory capacity to the full Governing Board and discusses subjects related to the District’s Instructional Services and School Leadership Division.

The subjects discussed can vary. The items can range from future building projects for campuses, to ways to help students improve academically.

The main focus of the first subcommittee meeting of 2022 was about developments for both the teachers and students. 

For the students, new course subjects and new textbooks could be coming to campuses across the district. Which subjects will be introduced to schools will be discussed at a later time with the CUSD Board.

The textbooks will be displayed at a later time during a showcase. CUSD will post about the showcase as soon as details are finalized.

Teachers can expect to see help from the district with how they can help students become more engaged in classes.The district will look to aid teachers by providing different teaching methods through training and extra aid for students who need extra support. 

All the different strategies provided will go into helping students academically both on campus and with their iReady assignments.

iReady is an online program for reading and/or mathematics that helps teachers see how their students are progressing in their precise subjects. 

Although there has been some drop in the overall student scores in CUSD with how circumstances have changed, the subcommittee is optimistic things will head in the right direction. 

Board Member Tiffany Stoker Madsen stated briefly, “I know these numbers are a little staggering, but I know our students are in good hands.”

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