CUSD Stresses Dresscode

Although Clovis Unified will start its school year online, students are still expected to follow dress code rules.

That means no halter tops, tank tops or anything that could be considered distracting to students and instructors.

“While this could only require that students follow the dress code from the waist up, parents might consider encouraging their children to dress for school to help provide focus and structure during schoolwork,” district spokesperson Kelly Avants said.

Teachers will examine students’ clothes as class begins to make sure that they are within guidelines.

The guidelines follow a theme that CUSD is establishing to keep school as normal as possible in an unusual situation, which also include encouraging students to find a spot for class in their home that provides sufficient work space and comfort for working on school-related technology, taking notes and completing assignments.

“Recognizing that we are starting school in an unusual way, using familiar structures like class schedules, daily attendance, the dress code, and regular peer-to-peer and teacher-to-student interaction helps create some of the normalcy that will help our students be successful in online learning,” Avants added.

If a student does not follow dress code, it will first lead to a conversation with the family around ways that can ensure that students follow school rules.

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