CUSD general session ignites a new school year

By Michaela Parker | Reporter

“Honoring our past… inspiring the future”

Clovis Unified School District officially kicked off the new school year Tuesday with General Session, a pep rally uniting and encouraging staff, faculty, and teachers.

Walking into the event the theme for the new school year was evident on the shirts worn by the participants as well as projected onto the screen placed front and center.     

Kelly Avants, Chief Communication Officer for Clovis Unified School District, explained that the theme selection was chosen by a group that wanted to honor the work done by the late Doc Buchanan while continuing to set and achieve new and more prestigious goals. Avants also stressed the importance that CUSD is built on the principle that students are place first.  This student forward thinking was evident throughout the entire General Session.

Keeping with the relevant Olympic theme, the event began with an over-the-top opening that included the drum lines and cheerleaders from each high school, flashing thunder sticks, and an emcee with a tropical fruit hat. The festivities continued as the board members were introduced and honored for their collective service of over 150 years. Each school was then honored with the awards received for the previous school year. A few of the awards won throughout the district were: 21 gold ribbon awards, all middle schools named as distinguished schools to watch, multiple Bonner Character and Civil Education Awards.

The hard work demonstrated over the past school year was appreciated as Superintendent Janet Young took the stage to deliver the main message. Young encouraged those in attendance, whom she referred to as “Team CUSD,” with words from the late Buchanan. 

“Our philosophy is simple; a fair break for every kid,” she said. 

Young then turned the attention to a slideshow composed of CUSD alumni that are now Olympians. The team atmosphere was evident as the two olympians in Jenna Prandini and Nikki Okwelog were shown. Young concluded the event with the future of CUSD, the class of 2029 (the incoming kindergarten class) joining her onstage. CUSD general session proved that this upcoming school year will continue to “do things first class, the Clovis way.”