CUSD election to be held in early November

Daniel Leon & Jeanine Fiser | Reporters

The Clovis Unified School District held a special governing board meeting June 29 to adopt a resolution allowing the election of four board members to occur on November 8 in conjunction with the nation’s General Election.

A special meeting was called because the deadline to file an order with the elections office is 123 days before the election, or in this case, July 8, and the next regularly scheduled board meeting is set for July 15.

Chief Communications Officer Kelly Avants said the board passes similar resolutions every time board seats come up for election. Avants said using the same ballots and polling places of the General Election saves the district several thousand dollars.

The election will be to fill the seats of four board members whose terms will expire in December. Incumbents of those four seats are Ginny L. Hovsepian, Brian Heryford, Richard Lake Sr. and Christopher S. Casado. Avants said none of the sitting members have stated whether or not they will seek re-election, but expects announcements to be made in July.