CUSD Discusses New School Campus

Clovis has several highly graded campuses that represent the district, however, there is another campus coming into the mix.

Clovis Unified held their Administrative Services/HR Board Subcommittee meeting on Thursday, October 21 and a lot of positives came out of the meeting.

From athletic area reviews to expanding CUSD complex grounds, the meeting had nothing but good outlooks for all campuses. On top of all these positives, the update of a new campus, the Terry Bradley Educational Center is something that looks to be helpful for the students and families within the district.

The Terry Bradley Educational Center, located on North Highland between Weldon and Princeton Avenues, is a new state of the art facility that the district looks to open in phases.

The campus will host a high school, middle school and a neighboring elementary school along with several athletic fields and a multi-floor gym that they hope will host local and statewide tournaments and events.

This new campus not only looks to bring innovation to the district, but also help students and faculty that may feel there is some overpopulation in the other schools.

Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services Michael Johnston expressed great optimism about what this new school would do for all that are a part of Clovis Unified.

“All of our campuses we build around the growth of our community,” Johnston said. “If we have the students available, we’re building the facilities to accommodate our students, our community, and the services needed for that community. It’s been sometime since we built an educational center, and we’re really excited. This has been on the books for many years and now that the growth has actually dictated the need for that school to help the impact of student enrollment and many of our high schools as we look at it.”

Clovis Unified plans to try and start by opening the intermediate school by 2025/2026 and the high school two years later by 2027/2028.

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