CUSD Approves Placing $408 Mil Bond Measure on 2020 Ballot

The CUSD Governing Board approved placing a $408 million bond measure on the 2020 ballot at their October 23 board meeting. Funds from this bond would enable the district to make necessary repairs to schools to ensure the safety and quality academic instruction of Clovis students.

In 2012, Measure A was passed with 65 percent community support which allowed the district to complete the first phase of needed repairs to the schools. As of today, 30 of the 50 schools in the district are 25 years old or older. 

With the passing of the bond being sought, the following work can be completed:

  • Fixing leaking roofs, electrical wiring, fire safety doors and smoke alarms at schools 
  • Repairing and upgrading deteriorating science, engineering and math classrooms to provide 21st-century learning across all Clovis Unified schools 
  • Updating classrooms to increase access to Career Technical Education programs 
  • Continuing to make necessary updates to facilities to provide safe, clean drinking water 
  • Reducing current and future school overcrowding with additional schools and facilities 
  • Improving school safety and security by updating security and communication systems 
  • Maintaining equitable facilities at schools of all ages to ensure every child access to a high quality learning environment

These funds would be repaid annually by local property tax levies, which are expected to increase from today’s rate by approximately $25 per $100,000 of assessed (not market) value. No money could be used to pay employee salaries and an independent citizen oversight and annual audits will be required. These funds would be controlled locally and could not be taken away by the state.

Clovis Unified School District has a hard-earned reputation for being one of the top ranked districts in the state academically. In addition, CUSD has one of the highest credit ratings in the state and 21 consecutive Meritorious Budget Awards for transparency in budgeting.

Heather Jamieson-Brown studied journalism at Fresno City College where she acted as a reporter for the award winning Fresno City Rampage, but took a break to be a caregiver for her ailing father who had Parkinson’s disease. She has three grown children and has lived in Clovis for 16 years. Heather has always loved reading books set in the American Old West, but rarely found any with strong female protagonists, thus, she wrote one. She is currently working as a reporter/journalist for the Clovis Roundup.