Curt Fleming now Chief of Police in Clovis

Clovis Police Chief Curt Fleming was sworn in at a special ceremony on Monday, August 5, 2019. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CLOVIS PD

In front of friends, family and colleagues within the Clovis Police Department, Curt Fleming was sworn in as the new chief of police, taking the spot held by former chief Matt Basgall.

“I got many phone calls from a lot of people; ‘congratulations you’re going to do great’, ‘it’s well-deserved’ and I also got comments like, ‘be careful what you wish for’ and ‘my condolences’,” Fleming joked. “It was very interesting, but to be honest I think I have the greatest job in the nation. I think we have the best department and I would put us up against anybody.”

Fleming, former captain with the CPD has been with the department for 13 years after moving from the Fresno Police Department in 2006. He was later promoted to corporal in 2012, to sergeant in 2013, followed by lieutenant in 2015, and captain in 2018.

He went to Bullard High School and later graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelor of Science in criminology and a Master of Science in criminology.

In 2018, Fleming graduated from POST Command College after 18 months with enhanced knowledge in preparing for emerging issues in the industry, forward-strategic thinking and managing the future.

City clerk John Holt and city manager Luke Serpa were on hand to lead the ceremony for Fleming.

“Captain Fleming is a natural leader and an innovative professional with a clear understanding of emerging law enforcement issues,” Serpa said in his address. “I am confident in his ability to lead the men and women of the Clovis Police Department in their mission to provide superior protection and service to our community”.

Holt provided the oath for the new chief and Fleming’s wife and son pinned the badge to his uniform.

A symbolic moment after Fleming gave a special thank you to his wife and son for their support for the long hours and sometimes travel.

But in the end, becoming the chief of police was something Fleming wanted since he first became part of the CPD and now he gets his chance.

Nugesse Ghebrendrias
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