CR Superhero: Shonna Halterman

Photo contributed – Shonna Halterman, the General Services Manager for the City of Clovis.


By Valerie Shelton, Editor


With a new senior center and transit hub on the horizon in the City of Clovis, general services manager Shonna Halterman, who is in charge of recreation, transit and the senior center, has her work cut out for her.

In addition to wearing many hats as the organizer of the many senior center events and citywide events such as an upcoming Trail Fest on April 30, Halterman is also instrumental in making decisions regarding the construction of the new facilities. Currently, both are up for bid of an architect, but already Halterman has worked on the preliminary designs.

“I’ll be pretty much making all the decisions on it, what type of floor surfaces we want, all of that. It is fun,” Halterman said.

The fact that she is able to be so involved is one of the things Halterman said she loves most about working for the City of Clovis. Before coming to work for the city 21 years ago, Halterman had held several different jobs. Growing up in southern California, she started out in the retail industry in high school, working at an ice cream shop, men’s clothing store and cable television company. After relocating to the Central Valley—a familiar area as both of her parents had gone to Fresno State—she worked with the ski resort now known as China Peak, then a construction company, a private investigator, corporate IBM, another cable company, a chiropractor and Duncan Ceramics. It was her job with the City of Clovis that finally stuck. She started as an administrative aide on Jan. 2, 1995 and gradually moved up to her current position.

“It is just a great place to work, the people are really good and it is very flexible in understanding that work home balance,” Halterman said. “Unlike other municipalities, especially as they get bigger, we have the decision-making power here where we can pretty much do what we need to do and then let the powers at be know what we’re doing. Some places there is so much red tape to climb through that you can’t get anything done and here we get a lot of things done.”

It’s this decision-making power that has allowed Halterman to get creative in planning new events like Trail Fest and the Memorial Day 5k, which is now an annual event celebrating five years this Memorial Day weekend.

Halterman was inspired to start the 5k because one of her hobbies is running in 5ks and half marathons. She also participates in a body boot camp almost everyday. Her passion for exercise started seven years ago when she was 42. While she wasn’t unhealthy, she was on the cusp of moving up another size and didn’t want to have to replace her wardrobe.

“I’ve done 11 half marathons and countless 5k runs and I started the 5k Memorial Day run here five years ago,” Halterman said. “I’ve gone to so many 5ks that I thought we could do this. Amy who runs transit helped me out with it. I traveled for some of the half marathons. I did the Tinker Bell marathon at Disneyland and the Disneyland Half Marathon. Then in Florida, I went to the Princess Half Marathon. I also went to one in Sacramento.”

As evidenced by some of the half marathons she has participated in, Halterman is also a Disney fan—more specifically, a Walt fan and a Disneyland fan, she says. This love for Disneyland can be seen when you visit Halterman’s office at the senior center, where she keeps a small collection of Disney plates above her desk, along with a few other collectable knick-knacks.

Halterman’s other hobbies include reading and traveling bi-annually for family reunions. Family reunions have been held everywhere from the Bahamas and the Florida Keys to Missouri’s Table Rock Lake. The reunions are important to Halterman, as her family is spread throughout the country. The next trip she’s planning, though, is a big birthday bash for her 50th.

“My sisters-in-law are all the same age and so is my stepsister and one year we went on a girls cruise and now we want to go to Mackinac Island in Michigan in the summer of 2017,” Halterman said.

In addition to her many hobbies and her work for the city, Halterman has served on the California Association for Coordinated Transportation board for transit and currently serves as the board chair for the Salvation Army in Clovis.

Halterman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communications from Fresno State and a master’s degree in public administration.

In April, she and her husband Lee will be celebrating 24 years of marriage. Together, they have three sons, Scott, 21, Brett, 18 and Garrett, 14. Scott plans to be a firefighter and currently works as a part-time reserve firefighter for Coalinga. Brett attends Clovis Community College and has talked about going into the medical field. He currently works at Scoops, Soups and More in Old Town Clovis—which is significant as Halterman’s first job was at an ice cream shop and Scott also had his first job at Scoops, Soups and More. Garrett goes to Alta Sierra Intermediate.

As of Dec. 11, 2015, the Halterman welcomed a new addition to the family—a Shiba Inu rescue dog from Taiwan.