Costco to Ban Non Members from Food Court

Costco’s new policy of banning nonmembers from their food court is set to take effect March 1. (Clovis Roundup Photo)

Costco will soon turn away non-members who are looking to purchase something from its food court.

A customer service representative from the Costco in Clovis confirmed to the Roundup that the new policy will go into effect March 1.

Costco has always required a membership card to shop in its warehouse clubs, but non-members were still able to walk to the food court and order food.

Costco memberships start at $60 annually for the Gold Star Membership and raises to $120 for its Gold Star Executive Membership.

There are two other Costco in the Fresno area besides the Clovis location. They include the warehouses on 7100 N Abby St. in north Fresno and on 4500 W Shaw, near Highway 99.