Clovis Volkswagen collects Toys for Tots

clovis-roundup-CV Motorsports 2The 6th Annual Clovis Volkswagen Toys for Tots Car Show held on Dec. 6 was a great year-end closing event for many local hot rodders. The New & Old VW Club again hosted this great event.

Last year’s show was cut short by cold weather and rain, but this year the weather was warm with not a cloud in the sky, making it a perfect day for a car show. It was nice to see the participation by the Mustang Club with 10 cars. Some participants planned to just stop by and drop off their toys for the Marine Corps Reserve, but spent the entire day visiting with friends.  Everyone was having such a good time that before they knew it, the day had passed by and it was time to give out the awards.

The VW Club provided free hot dogs and drinks, and even Santa was there to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. By the end of the day, eight boxes of toys and over $1,000 were collected for the Marine Corps Reserve.


Century Distributors Award – Black, Stock 1958 Beetle of Jim Brost (has been in his family since new)

Clovis Volkswagen Award – Silver gray total custom 1958 Convertible Beetle of Jim Arbuckle (soon to be featured in Hot VW’s Magazine)

Peoples Choice Award – 1st to the 1967 Custom VW Bus of Tim Finnegan, 2nd to the 1933 Ford Roadster Zipper of Joe Nocieto

Special Mustang Award – 1966 Mustang Fastback 2+2 of Dennis Harvat

All events have people working in the background with the planning. Most are so dedicated that they do what is necessary to get the job done without saying a word and always with a smile. Bev Stockette was that person, and sadly, she passed away on Dec. 4. She will be greatly missed.