Clovis Veterans Memorial District Hosts US Naval Academy Midshipmen

Tuesday November 22, at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District, two US Naval Academy Midshipmen were hosted and honored at an event held in the district’s Memorial Auditorium.

The two Midshipmen were Quaid Copher and Katherine Mendyk, the event was held during Clovis Unified week long school break for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The event was especially for students interested in learning more about educational opportunities, programs and scholarships through the US Naval Academy, and those who attended were invited to learn more about these programs through the informative eyes of two Midshipmen themselves.

Both Quaid Copher and Katherine Mendyk were able to provide first-hand knowledge on things like how to apply, or what it is like to attend Annapolis, the site of the US Naval Academy.

Receiving the unmediated knowledge from the source of two Midshipmen themselves was first and foremost the ultimate goal of this event, and the Clovis Veterans Memorial District believes that this was a most successful experience for the students of the Clovis area and thanks all of those who attended.

The District is in plans and “looking forward” to the next talk with other Servicemen.

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