Clovis Unified moves closer to electrical buses

Clovis Unified bus drivers taking a closer look at the new electrical busses that the school district is pursuing. PHOTO COUTESY OF CUSD

Clovis Unified School District is expecting to soon have three electrical buses.

Sheryl Boe, Director of Transportation, said the district has been told verbally from the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District that it will be receiving three electric buses.

“We are waiting for the actual contract,” Boe said. “At this time it’s at the state level for approval.”

Boe said the electrical buses will replace three diesel buses from 1995 and the district is already working on the infrastructure for the fueling of the electric buses 

“We will have to get new infrastructure for the charging of these new electric buses, so we are working with PG&E on exactly what that’s gonna look like,” Boe said.

The goal is to have the buses up-and-running by October, Boe added. 

“That’s what we’re being told by San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District,” Boe said. “I’d say definitely by the Jan. 1 of 2020.”

Boe said the district is looking forward to providing energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly type of transportation for students.

“It is the wave of the future. It’s what the industry is moving towards,” Boe said. “Clovis is always on the front line of trying to get in on the up and coming changes in the industry, so we’re excited to be part of that and excited to have an opportunity for this grant funding.”

Boe said the buses will be noticeably different, especially because they don’t make noises, and the district expects feedback from the community once the buses start running.

“Other districts that have them, they do like driving them. They say that they have a lot of power and they are enjoying the difference,” Boe said. “They are enjoying the difference in these buses compared to what’s out there currently.”

Tomas Kassahun
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