Clovis Transit Free Rides Extended Through October


For customers using both Stageline and Round Up services, free rides have been extended after overwhelming support for the initiative. 

Since Clovis Transit offered free rides back on August 1, ridership has increased by 27 percent. A positive sign that the community of Clovis has benefitted from the Clovis Transit’s offer. 

“It has been exciting to see both new and returning users experience all that our transit system has to offer,” Clovis Transit Supervisor Bethany Berube said. “We are excited to be able to extend our free rides program through October and hope many more residents will take the opportunity to try out this fantastic service.” 

The additional free rides are being provided by a California Climate Investments grant which was established in 2014 by the California Legislature to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve mobility.  

The Stageline is a traditional bus service which operates on set routes. Clovis community members find their route online and then meet at the pickup location – boarding is easy and free (only until October 31). 

On the other hand, community members have the opportunity to take the Round Up service, which is a service taking customers with disabilities from home or work or anywhere of their choice. 

Customers only need to make an appointment and be ready for a ride. 

For more information about the free rides being offered, including routes and how to become a Round Up registered user, visit or call the City of Clovis phone number at (559) 324-2770. 

The free rides will end on October 31.