Clovis Teacher Calls 7% Salary Increase a “Down Payment”

ACE representative Kristin Heimerdinger speaking at the CUSD meeting on June 8, 2022. (Courtesy of CUSD)

A small group from ACE was present to speak to the school board at their last school board meeting of the year last Wednesday.

The group represented by Kristin Heimerdinger, asked for more of a raise on top of their 7% increase within the school districts budget this year.

Reasoning came from having to deal with the pandemic and an 8.3% inflation increase.

According to Heimerdinger, it is the district’s job to maintain competitive salaries with other school districts.

However, she claimed that instead of using the money for their teachers, the school board rather is saving money in their reserves for later spendings.

Heimerdinger called the 7% increase a “down payment” and where Clovis has “paid the most to hire the best”, they now need to pay the most to “keep the best”.

She called on the board to create a three to five year plan or else the board will fall behind due to the teachers in their district.

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