Clovis students plan to improve Valley air

Two Covis students are on a mission to clean up the Central Valley air.

Marco Fung and Linkin Phimphisane, fifth-grade students at Garfield Elementary School, presented their plan at the Clovis City Council meeting on Monday, Dec. 3.

The students said they decided to tackle the issue after noticing an odor while they were at school.

“We smelled this odd, distinct odor that was very unpleasant,” Phimphisane said. “Marco wrote a petition that we should change the fertilizers, so everyone could enjoy the air.”

Lisa Costa, the students’ teacher, said she was pleasantly surprised when she heard about Phimphisane and Fung’s initiative.

“They just took that project among themselves because it affected them daily and decided to do something about it,” Costa said. “I was very surprised and proud of them.”

Costa said she always encourages her students to research and write. Costa reminds her students about their upcoming trip to the state capitol and advises them to write letters that can impact legislation.

“Their voice is very important,” Costa said. “They write letters that have valid facts and things that concern them and they can make a change even at their age.”

The students said part of their solution is to use bio-chemically made fertilizers. By improving the air, the students said they can improve people’s lifestyle and attract more visitors to enjoy the tourist attractions in the Valley.

Clovis Mayor Bob Whalen applauded the students for the bringing the issue to the city council and encouraged them to present it to Fresno County Farm Bureau.

“This is a well thought-out presentation,” Whalen said. “Your ability to identify an issue, not just complain about it, but also offer solutions is unique particularly for your age.”

Tomas Kassahun
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