Clovis Receives Assistance Funding for Renters

Clovis residents struggling to pay rent may soon qualify to receive aid.

Fresno County has successfully expended its $13.9 million Emergency Rental Assistance Allocation received from the United States Department of Treasury to help renters who are struggling from the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of the list is the City of Clovis who has received over $2 Million in funding to help Clovis residents.

Fresno County has partnered with RH Community Builders to administer the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) throughout all of Fresno County. This includes rural cities.

The ERAP began on Monday, Apr 25, 2021. About 2,137 applications were accepted and the average household claim was filed at $6,096. Nine different cities with the highest amounts paid out to date were listed in a press release by Fresno County.

On that list, Clovis sits atop the eight other listed cities at $2,277,784. Fresno was not included as they operate a separate program.

Fresno County will now focus on continuing the program by administering $16.5 million using the State of California’s allocation. This funding will extend the reach of the program to those communities that still need current rent and utility assistance. 

If tenants and landlords still need assistance, they can apply at

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