Clovis police officers get promotions and awards

By Tomas Kassahun | Reporter

The Clovis Police Department held its annual promotions and medal ceremony at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District’s auditorium on Friday, June 21.

A total of eight officers were promoted, one was badged, and 36 were recognized for medals earned during the year.

Of the 36 officers that received medals during the ceremony, two received Medals of Valor and 34 received the Fitness Medal.

“Being able to promote people in the police department is always a good thing. Especially as the city continues to grow, it allows us to develop leaders,” Clovis Police chief Matt Basgall said. “Typically we don’t promote this many people at one time, but due to retirements and positions being available, we were able to promote more people at this time.”  

Basgall adds that many of the officers are young and have shown a willingness to serve the community.

“They have all worked very hard to be in the position they are in,” he said. “They’re here to take care of the citizens of Clovis. Having that desire to serve the community is a strong trait that any police officer needs to have, whether they’re trying to catch the crooks or when they see something that may seem minor.”

The officers who received a sergeant Promotion were Jared Binford, Iri Guerra and Jeremy Edmonson. Meanwhile, Richard Ashcraft, Abby Padgett and Joe Alvarado received corporal promotion. The captain promotion went to Jorge Gomez, while James Boldt got lieutenant promotion and Michael Langdon got the officer promotion.

“I’m really excited about the promotion. I have been here for about 15 years,” said Padgett.  “I have done many things with the department and I’m looking forward to changing my role and actually getting to lead.”

Tomas Kassahun
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