Clovis Police ‘Go Live’ for virtual Town Hall

Photo Clovis Police Department Social Media

April 15, 2023 – On Thursday, April 13th the Clovis Police Department, represented by Clovis Police Chief Curt Fleming, answered questions from the public for a half an hour on the “Facebook Live” function that is used by the social media app.

This event acted as an opportunity for Chief Fleming to interact with the public of Clovis, much like in a Town Hall like setting, where viewers and commenters were allowed to ask questions via chat that were then answered simultaneously. 

Questions ranged from age ranges of professional and police staffing to academy requirements to questions on homelessness population and city ordinances.

Each of these questions and subsequent answers from Chief Fleming can be found online on the Facebook page named Clovis Police CA, an account which has been verified by Facebook. 

In addition to the Q&A portion of the Facebook Live, events and information like the Cops and Kids Sports Camp, the 12th Annual Clovis Night Out, and National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week were presented and elaborated on.

The Cops and Kids Sports Camp will commence June 20th-21st of this year. Registration for this event looks to fill up quickly at 6 PM on May 1st. 

The 12th Annual Clovis Night Out, will take place once again at the David McDonald Park on Saturday September 30th and registration for vendors can be found at 

Chief Fleming mentioned that the one of the top “most responded to” calls come from animal control related calls, and stated that work that the animal services officers do, does not go unnoticed. 

Goals for the Police Department in 2023 were displayed and among one of the first mentioned was to “remain the safest city in the Valley.”

According to Chief Fleming this concept is becoming more difficult to measure because of Prop 47 and AB109 in California. 

A second goal of Clovis PD for 2023 was to meet response time goals for priority calls. “We’ll move things around in the department to meet that priority,” said Chief Fleming. 

Finally, the third top goal for Clovis PD is to reach out to citizens to find out what “kind of job” the Clovis PD is doing, and attempt to reach an approval rating of 90% or higher.

Satisfaction ratings can be given through surveys given after low priority calls. Chief Fleming also hopes to receive comments from the community that Clovis PD can work on for the future. 

Towards the end of the meeting, Public Information Officer Ty Wood made it evident that if a member of the public viewed the video at a later period of time, that viewer should feel free to ask any questions they may have in the comments section, as Clovis PD hopes to monitor the post with frequency.

There are also other avenues in which one can ask Clovis PD questions, including social media such as Facebook, or by visiting their website at 

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