Clovis PD investigates death of newborn

Hamilton was booked into Fresno County Jail on charges of involuntary manslaughter and felony child abuse. (Clovis PD)

The deceased body of a newborn female was found in a residential trash toter in the area of Minnewawa and Alluvial avenues Wednesday morning.

Officers arrived to the scene after a member of the residence found traces of blood on her driveway and in her trash can.

Through an investigation, Clovis detectives concluded that 18-year-old Angelena Hamilton gave birth to a child at home.

Hamilton was not present when officers arrived, but after being interviewed by detectives she confirmed that she had, in fact, given birth to a child that morning. She was then transported to the hospital after failing to provide medical treatment for herself or the newborn after giving birth.

At a news conference on Thursday afternoon, Clovis Police Chief Matt Basgall said the investigation is still ongoing and Hamilton’s family did not know she was pregnant.

“They appeared to be devastated by what had occured … from a family perspective, they are very much as shocked over this whole thing,” Basgall said.

Hamilton was booked into Fresno County Jail on charges of involuntary manslaughter and felony child abuse after getting medically cleared. Clovis Police Department is currently working with the Coroner’s office and the District Attorney’s office to determine the child’s official cause of death.

“Although these are the charges that have been filed against her, because the investigation ongoing, it is unknown exactly what those final charges will be,” said Basgall.

Hamilton is a college student that does not appear to have any criminal history and was actually at school when officers arrived at the scene, according to Clovis Police.

“At this time, it doesn’t appear anyone we’ve spoken to knew that she was actually pregnant. As of right now it appears that she tried to keep this a secret,” Basgall said.

Chief Basgall reminds all those in similar situations that there are many resources available: “Anybody that has any issues out there needs to understand that there is options out there … There’s resources everywhere, you can come to the police station, we’ll help you. We don’t want to see this happen, nobody wants to see this happen.

“It’s just sad that this occured when there is so many options out there that are available not only for the girl that is being arrested, but unfortunately for the child.”