Clovis PD Hosts Facebook Live Q & A for Municipal Codes

Clovis PD’s Social Media Coordinator Ty Wood along with Community Service Officer hosted a Facebook live Q&A session to discuss Municipal Codes on Sept. 15, 2021. (Clovis PD)

The Clovis Police Department made things a little easier for Clovis homeowners and renters by holding a Q & A discussing the meanings of municipal codes and how to handle them when received.

The Q & A was held on September 15th via Facebook Live and was hosted by Clovis P.D. Social Media Coordinator Ty Wood with the assistance of Community Service Officer Abby Tiscareno.

Municipal codes are based on different types of items that residents cannot store in public view as these different items can be harmful to them as well as their neighbors or anyone else passing by the homes that are in violation of these codes.

From debris and litter to non-operating vehicles and RVs, Wood and Tiscareno made sure to cover all the different type of items that homeowners and renters need to ensure are safe and within the guidelines of the municipal codes. 

One of the biggest things Tiscareno made sure to clear up was the misunderstanding of RVs, boats and trailers being allowed to stay out during the summertime. Tiscareno states that this is not true and was not meant as a permanent rule.

“We tried a trial run where we relaxed the recreational vehicle ordinance probably a few summers ago and that was between Memorial Day and Labor Day,” Tiscareno said. “Unfortunately, since then, the common thing I hear out on patrol, and in code enforcement, is ‘Well it’s between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Just so we’re on the same page, that doesn’t exist. It was a one-time thing.”

Woods and Tiscareno also informed viewers about a courtesy notice one might receive if they were to violate any of the codes explained in the video. Residents have about two weeks to comply with the notice or else they will receive a citation due to their non-compliance. Those with private properties will need to go through a lengthier process to handle their notice.

If you would like to report a municipal code violation there are multiple ways to do so. You can go to and click on the Customer Service Portal to file your request online. If you want to file a request via smartphone, you can download either the Clovis Police or Go Clovis apps to get started. For claims via phone calls, dial (559) 324-2800.  

For more information on the different municipal codes and how to deal with these codes if you receive a courtesy notice or citation, visit the Clovis Police Department Facebook page and look for Clovis Municipal Codes Q & A in the video section.

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