Clovis PD Holds Clothing and Toy Drive for the Homeless

The Clovis Police Department donated clothing and toys to the Fresno Mission to help with the rising homelessness in the community on June 18, 2021. (Clovis PD)

On June 18, the Clovis Police Department organized a clothing and toy drive to help with the rising homelessness within the community.

“Places like the Fresno Mission are trying to solve this [homelessness] problem,” said Lt. Jim Munro, who has been working with the Clovis Police Department since 1998.

The Fresno Mission is a non-profit organization that rescues, restores and empowers the community through services like providing food, offering programs, academics and spiritual counseling, and jobs for those in need.

“Everybody realizes what a challenge the homeless issue is,” said Munro.

This event was the first clothing and toy drive that the department put together, and the participants that helped make it successful were the 150 police officers and employees within their department.

“It was good to see our department members come together for the good of the community,” said Munro.

Members of the Department and members of the Fresno Mission came together to fill a box truck full of gently used clothing and toys, that members went out and purchased on their own time, and the materials were taken to the Fresno Mission.

“The Fresno Mission will distribute it to people in need, or they will sell it at their thrift store to make money to help the homeless problem,” said Munro.

What started as a simple email asking for members of the department to take part in a drive to give back to the community, ended in a box truck full of needed toys and clothes for people in need.

““They [the police department] jumped in head first,” Munro said “to help a cause we know is worthy.”

At the heart of the Clovis Department is the wellbeing of their community, and through this event they were able to give back to their community in a way they haven’t before.

If you have any interest in helping people facing homelessness and want to ensure a better and safer community through donation, contribution or volunteer work, you can contact the Fresno Mission at 559-268-0839 or go to their website at

Sydney Morgan, currently a junior at Fresno State University, grew up in the sleepy town of Templeton, CA. With Lester Holt and Carrie Bradshaw as her journalist role models, she considers herself to have a more creative approach to her news and entertainment stories.