Clovis PD Arrests Man Lurking in North Clovis Neighborhood

Devon Patterson, 20, from Rancho Cordova. (Clovis PD)

At approximately 8 a.m. this morning, multiple residents in a gated community on Willow and Teague Avenues, noticed an unknown man lurking about in their neighborhood.

Clovis PD was notified after residents witness the suspect attempting to open doors and acting suspicious.
Officers arrived quickly and apprehended the man. The suspect was identified as 20-year-old Devon Patterson of Rancho Cordova.
Upon investigation, it was determined Patterson broke into a home, forcing his way into a garage. He stole several items and attempted to break into other homes before being detained by officers.
The stolen items were safely returned to the victim.
Patterson has been booked into Fresno County Jail on charges of residential burglary and attempted burglary.