City Council Adds Three Positions to Clovis PD Personnel

City Council amended a resolution to add three new positions to the Clovis PD department at Dec. 6 city council meeting. (Photo CR files)

Clovis City Council has voted in favor of adding three additional Police Officer Recruit/Lateral positions within the Clovis Police Department.

At the Dec. 6 City Council Meeting, City Manager Luke Serpa presented a resolution to amend the City’s Fiscal Year 2021-22 Position Allocation Plan. The amendment was to add three more positions within the police department.

This amendment would not fix the staffing issue as previously stated by Police Chief Fleming, but it would get things going in the right direction. 

Currently, the department is authorized to have 75 recruit/lateral positions and have a sworn personnel total of 106. With these additions, the department would have 78 recruit/lateral positions and 109 total sworn in personnel.  

City Manager Luke Serpa explained how this request is small, but helps the Clovis PD in a big way.

“This, in no way, gets them back to where they thought they were going to be five years ago or ten years ago,” Serpa said. “But, in our ongoing effort to maximize services we provide, we think this is a prudent and safe thing to do.”

The council voted unanimously 5-0 to allow these three positions to become vacant. This will be effective soon, but no approximate timetable has been given.

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