Clovis man arrested for indecent exposure on Shaw

Roman Holguin of Clovis (CLOVIS PD)

Clovis Police Department arrested a man Tuesday after investigating a report in which a female victim identified a Hispanic male in a white Volvo exposing to himself to her while driving in Clovis.

CPD identified the suspect as 29-year-old Roman Holguin of Clovis. After officers were successful in obtaining an arrest warrant for Holguin, he was arrested at his residence without incident.

When speaking with officers, Holguin admitted to exposing himself to the victim.

Clovis Police officers were first notified of the exposure indecent on Feb. 23 that occurred the day prior.

“A female victim reported that she was driving her vehicle westbound on Shaw Avenue near Sunnyside. As she approached the intersection, a Hispanic male in a white Volvo exposed himself to her,” said the department. “The male continued to expose and touch himself as he pulled up next to the victim. The victim was able to take photographs of the suspect, his vehicle and the license plate with her cellular phone.”

Upon the initial report CPD began an investigation, during which officers were made aware of a separate incident that occurred on Feb. 5 at the intersection of Fowler and Ashlan in Clovis. Another female victim also told officers that a Hispanic male in a white Volvo exposed himself to her while driving.

The department said the second incident continues to be under investigation.

Holguin was booked into the Fresno County Jail on a warrant for one count of PC 314.1, indecent exposure.

Clovis Police ask anyone that may have experienced something similar, involving a Hispanic male or a white Volvo, to contact them at 559-324-2800.