Clovis Historian and Former Mayor Peg Bos Honored

A celebration recently took place on Tuesday, Aug. 21 for Peg Bos at the Clovis Museum with family and friends. The event was held to honor her contributions to the Clovis-Big Dry Creek Historical Society where she served as President for 20 years.

Clovis Museum President, Beth Christensen described Bos as dedicated, knowledgeable, caring, persistent.

“But the word that really came to my mind with her overall was an educator because I think that’s what she’s done for the last 20 years,” said Christensen.

Christensen talked about how not only has Bos had an impact on the museum, but she’s had an impact in a numerous amount of other areas such as, visiting classrooms and having an influence on the kids, the annual bank robbery reenactment, and her articles in the Roundup.

She went on to thank Bos for her positive influence that she’s had on her life along with everyone else in the crowd and her legacy that she’s built.

Bos was presented with a proclamation recognizing her service to the Clovis community along with a bench that states “IN HONOR OF PEG BOS” and includes the date of when she was the Mayor of Clovis and President of the Clovis-Big Dry Creek Historical Society.

The celebration continued followed with some refreshments with lots of laughter, gathering to show the appreciation of Bos.

Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Clovis, Lynne Ashbeck has known Bos for over 30 years. Ashbeck said she was one of the reasons why she ran for city council in 2001.

“She is the role model, the mentor, sort of the model of what civic leadership should look like. She never lead for herself — she always led for the best of Clovis,” said Ashbeck. “She always worked to find solutions…grateful for all the things that she taught me.”

Ashbeck went on to say that she would describe Bos as devoted — devoted to the city, to the community, her family, her faith life, personal life, and her civic life.

“She is determined, she is focused, she is kind-hearted,” said Ashbeck.

Bos’ granddaughter Erica Pennington also shared some words on how she’s been a female inspiration in her life and how she’s always looked up to her .

“She had a picture in her house — it said: No guts, no glory. And that is Peg Bos. You have to go out and go for it or you’re not gonna get anything, and she did that all the time,” said Pennington. “She’s a role model. I’m a coach, I’m a teacher, I’m a mother now. She inspired me just to be a leader and a role model as well in what I do, and so I always brag on her.”

Bos’ granddaughter went on to say she always looked up to her grandma as she describes her as fierce, a loving grandparent who always speaks the truth. 

Bos gave a huge thank you to the Clovis Roundup for allowing her to write.

Although the celebration was for her, she was still thanking all of her family and friends around her as she made people laugh and continued to spread her positivity.

“It’s hard to believe it’s 20 years, but they’re filled with good memories of good people, donating things, information — board members that were just terrific, so I’ve been blessed,” said Bos. “A husband that supported me…thank you for coming, good friends. You’re a blessing in my life.”

Alexis Govea is proud to be from the Central Valley. She graduated from Fresno State with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication & journalism and a minor in Spanish. She has that Bulldog spirit deep in her heart. Go 'Dogs! Alexis is happy to be a part of the Clovis Roundup and is excited to tell the stories of many people here in the valley along with other story pieces pertaining to the community. Alexis also works for the Fresno State Athletics Department and is a local on-air personality for Q97.1 radio.