Clovis Hall of Fame Seeks Community Honorees

CVMD CEO Lorenzo Rios addressing the guests during the 2019 Clovis Hall of Fame event on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019. (Clovis Roundup Photo)

The Clovis Hall of Fame will hold its 45th annual awards ceremony on the evening of Sat., Sept. 19, 2020, at the Clovis Veteran’s Memorial District.

“For the first time ever, and in an effort to expand the scope of those being honored, we are inviting the public to nominate potential nominees that should be recognized,” says Scott E. Dority, Clovis Hall of Fame Chair. “Nominees should represent an individual, family, business, or organization that has had an impact on our great community or personifies what it means to be The Spirit of Clovis, Citizen of the Year, Service to Veterans, Friends of Youth, or has brought National recognition to our community in one way or another.

“Since 1975, the Clovis Hall of Fame has honored individuals, families, businesses, and organizations that have made Clovis the special community that it is.  It truly is one of the great evening dinner events in our community, and not only honors those that deserve our recognition but raises proceeds that benefit Clovis Unified Students that have been honored and recognized by Clovis Unified School District via the Clovis Exchange Club’s Student of the Year Program.”

The Hall of Fame committee has just announced their annual Clovis Unified District Art Contest to students in grades 7-12. The subject for 2020 is “Clovis landmarks and the people and places that define our community.”

The student that wins the contest will be honored at the Hall of Fame Awards and receive $250.  The student’s art instructor will also be recognized and receive $250 for classroom supplies.  A giclee will be made of the art piece and raffled off at the event to raise additional proceeds for Clovis Unified students.  Rules and entry forms are available from Clovis Unified Art instructors and the Hall of Fame website.

“For the many that have attended and sponsored this event in the past…we thank you and hope you will save the date and join us again this year,” says Dority. “If you are not one of those individuals that have experienced this event, we would encourage and welcome you to join us in September for a great evening, and the opportunity to honor those that have truly had a role in making Clovis the incredible community that it is.” 

Submit the name of a potential nominee by going to the Clovis Hall of Fame website at There you will find information about the community awards and have the opportunity to fill out a form to nominate an outstanding individual or group.