Clovis Fire begins rebuild of Fire Station 2

On April 25th, the Clovis Fire Department began the demolishing of Fire Station 2 so as to begin the rebuilding of said station.

On a Facebook post it was said that Engineer Fred Edwards took the “first swap” at Fire Station 2 where he served for twenty years. Captain Tim Lesmeister took the seat after him.

Fire Station 2 had to be torn down due to structural damage and decay, but the Clovis Fire Department looks forward to the new station that “will stand for many decades”.

A temporary station is located near Ashlan and Minnewawa at the Fire Training Center. Close enough to quickly respond to all citizens in the Station 2 area.

This new station is scheduled for completion in the Summer of 2024. During the interim, the Fire Station 2 crew will be relocated to Ashlan and Minnewawa.

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