Clovis’ Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has its family

HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has chosen the Reeder family. PHOTO COURTESY OF HGTV

Members from De Young Properties, the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition staff and Clovis community members gathered together early Tuesday, July 30 to kick off the new installment set to hit our televisions in 2020. 

The family announced this morning was Nick Reeder, a local fire captain and widowed father of three little girls and his mother who moved in with the family after his wife passed away. 

Reeder opened his front door to find Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the designers and a team of volunteers ready to get to work on a new home for his family.

Construction crews, volunteers and members of the community are now set to embark on a seven day, over 100-hour marathon to get the new house ready for the deserving family.  

The new home site will be located in Clovis near Clovis East high school in The Highlands by De Young, located at Shaw and Highland, South of Leonard in Clovis.

Along with the Reeder family reveal, the professional team of designers who will be assisting throughout the process were announced. 

Breegan Jane, Darren Keefe and Carrie Locklyn will take on the series return for HGTV. 

The clock has already started and hundreds of men and women from Clovis, along with the Extreme Makeover crew are now working around the clock, 24 hours until the house is built. 

They have one week. 

Seth Brown, public information officer for Cal Fire has known the Reeder family for 15 years and concurred how deserving the Reeders are. 

“They are a great family and very deserving of this house,” Brown said. “The Cal Fire family is a very close family and we are here to support.”

Members of Cal Fire came to the site on their off day to provide any assistance in the construction. 

The firemen are among around 2,000 total volunteers who are participating in one way or another including Richard Tu, a Clovis native looking to offer a helping hand. 

“It’s just kind of crazy, there are a lot of people out here. They want to get the house done in just a week, that’s incredible,” Tu said. “There are like 15 people on the roof right now and everyone is just working so hard together to get the house built.”

Tu, a general volunteer came out with the hopes of helping the Reeder family during this time. Having heard about the families story, he signed up. 

“I think it’s cool to be a part of this and just see everything going on, but most importantly is helping the family get a new home because they deserve it,” Tu said. “It’s just a good cause, giving back to the community and giving back to the family.”

But, community members haven’t been the only ones to give back, numerous companies around the Clovis area have donated both money and goods to the cause, including Guaranteed Real Estate who donated palettes of water on the second day of construction after water resources ran out. 

“We sponsored the production with $3,000 and that is to cover the expenses that legally the builders can’t,” Linda Burns said. “We need 14 palettes total of water and so far we have six.” 

Linda Burns, a representative of the Guaranteed Real Estate company mentioned a personal connection with the Reeder family opened up a chance for them to help the construction efforts. 

“The secretary of the Willow and Nees office at Guarantee Real Estate, it was her daughter that passed away,” Burns said.  

Community members can still help build the Reeder’s new home as the crew is still looking for volunteers. The volunteers are well taken care of, including bottles of cold water. 

To sign up and help build a dream home for the deserving Clovis Family, visit the website for more information and the application.