Clovis East visits Clovis High School for Peer Teaching Experience

Students from Clovis East Patient Care Pathway visited Clovis High School students of the Construction Pathway in order to demonstrate first aid techniques.

On Thursday October 27th, students from the Clovis East Patient Care Pathway visited Clovis High School students of the Construction Pathway in order to demonstrate first aid techniques. The students in the Construction Pathway program will eventually need some sort of first aid training, as the construction industry continues to require employees to be updated on such instruction.

The cross training also allows the students from Clovis East in the Patient Care Pathway to practice their demonstration and teaching skills. First aid instruction that took place included “Stop the Bleed” training for victims with severe cuts, Minor Amputation training, Objects in Eye, Immobilization after a Fall, Basic Resuscitation, as well as other crucial response procedures.

In addition to the hands-on training between high schools, there were visual aids that allowed students to better prepare and fully understand the training in which they underwent.

Taking place in the Construction Lab on Clovis High School’s campus, the mix of students met for two hours under the supervision of Clovis High School CTE Construction Teacher John (Jay) Eichmann, and Clovis East High School CTE Patient Care teacher Kelly Eichmann.

Jay Eichmann believed that his students were up to the challenge of learning about the new safety techniques and stated, “They gained not only practical experience, but also some confidence,” as he explained that in emergency situations plenty of people may freeze instead of acting.

Jay then mentioned that the Clovis High and Clovis East students worked well together, stating his thoughts that the students believed they were paying closer attention to the lesson now that it was their peers teaching them. “They seemed to be quite attentive.”

Kelly Eichmann, the second half of the “dynamic duo” as Jay calls it, deduced that her students, from the Clovis East Patient Care Pathway, enjoyed the opportunity to teach outside of their classroom. “They [blossomed] when they had the opportunity to teach students outside of their own class.”

Eichmann affirmed that students would get further options to teach, six more occasions in fact, in a chance to “grow their confidence, and public speaking confidence.”

She explained that through real life scenarios such as if someone was impaled by a nail, or underwent cardiac arrest on site, students were able to “conduct skills demonstrations on how to perform CPR, how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator), or how to respond to common injuries on a construction site.”

Through these demonstrations the students on both sides received experience whether it be in learning life saving techniques in quick thinking situations or simply learning how to become better teachers to a vast variety of a population.

“My students of course are super excited to share what they’ve been learning in the classroom.”

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