Clovis East Teacher Earns National Recognition

Dr. Kelly Eichmann honored as the 2021 CareerSafe National Safety Educator of the Year.

Instructor of the Patient Care Pathway at Clovis East High School, Dr. Kelly Eichmann, was honored as the 2021 CareerSafe National Safety Educator of the Year.

Eichmann was recognized Nov 10th during a conference in New Orleans, LA. The award recognizes exceptional educators who dedicate their time preparing students for the future and helping students recognize and mitigate workplace hazards in their chosen careers.

Eichmann was one of the first educators to use the CareerSafe OSHA 10-Hour program for the healthcare industry when it was first released in 2015. Students in her class are required to reach a set benchmark in the first two weeks of class in order to enter the class lab. 

To keep spirits high with students, Eichmann gives incentives for their progression in their OSHA 10-hour course. From guest speakers each year, to adding special dots on the wall with their certification, Eichmann looks to keep the students engaged and eager to learn.

Eichmann is also involved with the community. As a part of the Patient Care Pathway, she sends her students to volunteer with community healthcare industry professionals to gain hands-on experience. She even attends the community programs her students are involved in to participate in their hands-on learning.

Eichmann makes an effort to learn her students’ interests and passions. She also learns the culture and expectations of community partners, and strives to pair students with professionals and programs that will best fit their personalities and needs.

As part of earning this recognition, Dr. Eichamnn will receive national recognition and a trip to the ACTE CareerTech Vision conference, where she will be awarded $5,000 for her classroom.

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