Clovis East badminton crowned Division I Central Section Champions

Clovis East badminton coach Janine Sodersten and her players pose for a photo after winning the CIF Central Section Championship. PHOTO COURTESY OF CLOVIS EAST TWITTER

In the CIF Central Section Championship, the Buchanan Bears and the Clovis East Timberwolves went toe-to-toe in a thrilling 14-10 matchup, crowning Clovis East 2019 Central Section champions.

Despite the nerves at the end, Clovis East head coach Janine Sodersten gave her group some advice that helped them overcome the Bears’ final push.

“As I looked at my girls, I see them drinking their water and their hands were shaking and I had to say, let’s take five deep breaths right now. Every time between points, make sure to take a breath.”

That quick tip gave the Timberwolves the boost they needed. After winning the championship two seasons ago, from losing out last year until now, Sodersten credits her team for fighting to reach the summit once again.

“You always get that bittersweet taste in your mouth and you just want one more,” Sodersten said. “Every night my son and my husband were like, are you looking at that again, are you looking at what your life would be like again (if the Timberwolves won). We spent a lot of time working on our doubles and singles and there it was. It makes me feel good.”

The Buchanan Bears took second place in a close contest. In total, the teams played 24 matches; 12 singles and 12 doubles.

Buchanan won seven of the 12 singles matches: Zainab Rana won two matches, Julia Pagani won two matches, Layne Zosky won a match and Alexandra Pagani won one of her matches and Divya Hadavale won a match as well.

The Timberwolves won nine of the 12 doubles matches. Kang Yang and Ong Yang won both of their matches, along with Mai Xiong and Pachoua Xiong who won two matches as well.

Pang Yia Yang and Megan Moua won two matches, Elora Heasley and Jennie Lam won two matches and the team of Skye Vang and Padouachi Heu won on of their two matches.

Nugesse Ghebrendrias
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