Clovis Couple Win Tesoro Viejo Fall Classic Half Marathon

C.J. and Chelsey Albertson. (Courtesy of Twitter/@CJAlbertson)

Well, it wasn’t any old couple – it was C.J. Albertson and his wife, Chelsey.

Albertson, the former Buchanan standout and one of the, if not the best runners from the area, has participated in many big races throughout his career.

He broke the world men’s indoor marathon record with a time of 2:17:59.4 (almost two minutes faster than the previous record) and won the Columbia University Irving Medical Center & New York-Presbyterian Indoor Marathon World Record Challenge presented by New York Road Runners at the Armory’s New Balance Track & Field Center.

Clovis Community College’s C.J. Albertson took first place at the inaugural Tesoro Viejo Fall Classic Half Marathon. (Photo courtesy of Tesoro Viejo)

His wife, making her marathon debut that day, took second place in the women’s division.

But, on Sunday, Oct. 6, the pair took first place at the Tesoro Viejo Fall Classic Half Marathon.

“I enjoyed the event and think Tesoro Viejo is a cool area,” Albertson said. “Most of the race was around the surrounding trails. I think this highlighted the huge room for potential growth and that it will likely be a thriving community in the near future.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Tesoro Viejo, a new settlement in Madera County, the area is perfect for events such as the half marathon due to scenic trails and acres of space.

Director of the event, Mike Herman, spoke on the new area and why it was a perfect fit for the race.

“The Tesoro Viejo Fall Classic Half Marathon was developed to showcase the Tesoro Viejo community that has finally blossomed and opened after a decade of planning. With over 400 acres just north of Woodward Park, runners can finally have a new place to run or walk a half marathons, 10k or 5k event,” Herman said. “Event goers also had the opportunity to directly support the Tesoro Viejo Conservancy, which they did to the tune of $1,000.”

There were 1,500 participants representing 80 unique cities from three states. Both Albertson and his wife took the top finishes, along with a $500 cash prize.

“I think we are a good combo, that’s why I asked her to marry me” Albertson said on him and his wife racing. “Both of us are training for a marathon in December in Sacramento so this race was part of the preparation for that race.”

Runners had to pay an entry fee to get into the race, there were no qualifications beforehand.
And in terms of a possible sequel, both Albertson and Herman believe another one is in the cards.

“This was the inaugural event with planning in the works for continuing next year,” Herman said.

The race was put on by California Classic Events.

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