Clovis couple makes $1 million donation to Community Medical Centers

Carl and Lulu Mitchell from the Carl & Lulu Mitchell Family Foundation. PHOTO CONTRIBUTED

Clovis couple Carl and Lulu Mitchell recently made a $1 million donation to Community Medical Centers. Donated through the Carl and Lulu Mitchell Family Foundation, this is the couple’s second donation in less than five years to Community Medical Centers.

The foundation’s first donation went to Women’s and Children’s Services at Clovis Community in 2014.

This $1 million donation is geared towards the Community Cancer Institute at the Clovis Community Medical Center. According to reports from Community Medical, the gift will go towards services such as breast cancer technology and treatment, early cancer detection, and nurse navigators who guide patients through every step of their complex care.

And according to Community Medical Foundation CEO Katie Zenovich, part of the donation will be going toward the Radin Breast Cancer Center at the Clovis Community Medical Center campus.

“Gifts like this from Carl and Lulu’s foundation are truly transformative. They allow us to keep striving for higher and higher levels of care,” Community’s President and CEO Tim Joslin said in the Center’s report.

Both Carl and Lulu have been a part of the Clovis Community family for a long time. Carl formerly worked as a radiology technologist and as a nuclear medicine technologist while Lulu was a nurse (who spent time as a postpartum nurse as well).

“These two are so special to us,” Zenovich said. “Not only are they wonderful donor investors in Community, but they believe in our mission like no other. Both Carl and Lulu understand cancer so well because, like most of us, they’ve been touched by cancer. Carl lost both of his parents to cancer, and Lulu is a cancer survivor herself, breast cancer.”

Zenovich continued, “Carl and Lulu are wonderful, generous people and they wanted to inspire and  provide people with hope.”

The Carl and Lulu Mitchell Family Foundation focuses on supporting health care in the Central Valley.