Clovis Community College partners with Clovis East High School to encourage a college-going culture

Clovis Community College partnered with Clovis East High School for a Summer 4-week program aiming to prepare high school seniors for college. (Clovis Community College)

Clovis Community College and Clovis East High School has partnered up, to provide a 4-week program for their seniors to get a head start on the matriculation process and prepare them for college.

The program began on June 17 and it part of the college’s strategic plan for outreach with Clovis Unified School District high schools.

The program aims to teach various services offered by the college, hear from student ambassadors, and work with student success coaches. A field trip to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles and a 3-day STEM immersion program at InnovED is also part of 4-week program. Students will earn 3-transferrable units via the INDTS 50 (college success) class once the program is complete. The units are transferable to any CSU and UC systems.

The 4-week program is possible due to the Guided Pathways Alignment Project grant that Clovis Community College earned from the California Academic Partnership Program.

Students are in class from 9 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. Monday through Thursday.