Clovis Community College Holds Community Forum to Discuss Strategic Plan

Clovis Community College held a community forum March 30 to allow the community to give its input on the college’s four-year Strategic Plan.

“We’re a community college, the word community is in our name so we want to make sure we are connecting with our community and that we’re not off base,” Clovis Community College President Lori Bennett said. “ The community voice is important to us and so an event like this ensures us that we had a wide representation of community members from all the different types of organizations so that way our final product meets their goals and needs as well.”

Some of the topics discussed at the forum ranged from reaching out to veterans to partnering with Clovis Adult School for a nursing or healthcare program to even plans of updating the soccer field on campus.

Bennett even discussed the transferring credits process because that has been an issue of the past, not all of the Clovis Community student credits were being transferred to various four-year colleges.

“We’re working on that, and there is something new called the associate degree for transfer, which will have 60 distinct credits within the program to ensure that every credit can be transferred,” Bennett said. “We’re building it more and more because we wanted to ensure that if a student completes those 60 units and receives an ADT that colleges within the CSU system would accept the ADT and not require anything else from the student. We’re still working to build a similar idea for the UC system.”

Some of the community members in attendance for the forum include employees from the City of Clovis, various healthcare organizations and Clovis Community College employees from both the past and the present. Newly elects to the Clovis City Council, Vong Mouanoutoua and Drew Bessinger, were also in audience to give their feedback.

“I’m a product of community college education myself, I have an AS from Santa Barbara City College. Community colleges play a key role in people’s life because sometimes that’s the most affordable option they have,” Bessinger said. “One of the things I’d like to see is if a student knows in high school what they want to do, whether it be go into the public safety sector or into the healthcare field or even into air conditioning, whatever it may be, I want them to have a pathway to go down that allows them to stay at home and that can lead them into a good paying job and that’s where Clovis Community College comes into play.”

The Strategic Plan for the college is in the rough draft phase and has gone through a lot of input. Once the staff can gather all the input and make the appropriate changes, the Strategic Plan will be finalized. You can find the Strategic Plan and the Educational Master Plan for the college at under the “eNews Express” tab.