Clovis Community College Expected to Surpass 13,000 Enrollments

Clovis Community College President Lori Bennet spoke to the community Tuesday morning at the second annual President’s Breakfast at the Clovis Veteran’s Memorial District. PHOTO COURTESY OF CLOVIS COMMUNITY COLLEGE

Clovis Community College might be relatively new within the community college scene in California, but that hasn’t stopped the college from flexing its academic muscle. 

“Across all 115 California Community Colleges, Clovis Community College is ranked No. 1 for the number of transfer students to UC’s and CSU’s (per 1,000 students); No. 1 in Associate Degrees for Transfer earned (compared to similarly sized community colleges) and No. 1 in Associate Degrees earned with the fewest units accumulated by our students, which means our students are not stacking up lots of unnecessary units or courses on their way to degree completion,” CCC President Lori Bennett said Tuesday morning at the second annual president’s breakfast. 


Growth; that’s the word on everyone’s lips as CCC is expected to surpass 13,000 enrollments this year, which is more than the school has had since it opened almost 10 years ago. 

Also, many of the students within CCC are former Clovis Unified graduates, Dr. Bennett revealed. 65% of the student body are former CUSD students. 

Not to mention, the community college has expanded a sporting department which features; soccer, cross country and swimming/diving. 

But, academically, CCC continues to “crush” the competition as they are the best at getting students ready for UC’s and CSU’s. 

And when CCC gets its new Applied Technology Center — after funding was finally approved by the California governor — they will be able to continue the expansion of their STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs. 

Proposition 51 will allocate $26.1 million to help build the ATC building which will total $51.4 million and expects to begin construction in 2022 and finish in 2023-24. 

“We are extremely proud to provide the academic excellence that supports such high levels of student achievement.  I am truly humbled to lead Clovis Community College. We want everyone to share our pride in creating opportunities…one student at a time,” Bennett said.