Clovis City Council honors boy who saved his mother’s life

Joseph Guerrero (middle) was given a plaque by members of the Clovis City Council, along with law enforcement personnel, including Chief of Police Curt Fleming and Sgt. Jim Munro. PHOTO COURTESY OF CITY OF CLOVIS

Seven-year-old Joseph Guerrero made a quick decision that ultimately helped save his mother’s life.

On June 23, 2019, Guerrero discovered his mother suffering from a seizure. Without hesitation, her young son got a hold of a phone and called 911.

“I was just making his lunch, it was like a normal day, we were at home relaxing,” Jocie Guerrero said. “I ended up having a seizure, which was worse than the first one that I had suffered the day before.”

His mother fell to the floor and that’s when 7-year-old Joseph called 911.

“He didn’t know what to do, but he knew that he needed to get help,” she said.

The day prior to Joseph’s act of heroism, his mother suffered a seizure for the very first time. It was something that she had never expected, but she was always prepared regardless.

Just as she did with her older son Christopher, Jocie taught Joseph how to use a telephone to contact 911, just in case there was ever an emergency.

Joseph’s calmness on the phone with 911 dispatcher Amber Acheson allowed her to gather all the needed details so first responders could assist.

Fire and EMS arrived at the apartment and were able to tend to his mother.

For Jocie, her smart thinking proved to be a life-saving decision.

“I had taught him to be ready for an emergency and he was able to do what I taught him,” Jocie said. “I was impressed because I wasn’t expecting him to remain so calm. He just blew my mind, I couldn’t believe it.”

Joseph’s heroics were honored at the Clovis City Council earlier in the week with a plaque and recognition for his job well done.

Like her son, Jocie believes more children should be trained on scenarios similar to hers. A simple lesson can be a factor in a life or death situation.

“I think it’s important to explain and teach these things to your children,” she said.